How do I Start My Career in Music Production?!

Every producer has once wondered…how do I get placements? How do I get my music on that TV show or in that movie? How do I start my career in music production?

For starters, you must invest in your sound and not look for the cheap route. Research some of the top sound designers & drum kit creators. There’s a whole other world out there once you begin to dive in. Investing in the right sounds and drum kits will take your sound to a new level. You know that the sounds are good based on reviews and the demos that are available. Most descriptions will tell you what all went into creating the quality. Finding kits that are curated from analog are a great choice. Always look for ways to be more creative and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

More importantly, relationships are vital in the music business. It’s very cliche’, but your network will determine your net worth. Early in my career I developed relationships with influential people by traveling and being apart of conferences & beat battles such as A3C & SXSW. Entering competitions like JAX Beat Battle and A3C Conference, investing a few bucks to have influential producers or A&Rs give you feedback are great ways to create relationships. The relationships I gained from networking outside of my hometown are still relevant to this very day. I met producers, A&R’s, writers & artists that I still build with. Focus on relationship building and ways you can be of help to your contacts. Understand mentorship is vital. Every successful person from Michael Jordan to Pharrell Williams had mentors that helped develop them to be successful.

-TJ The Beatman